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We hung a photo exhibit today at the Ritz Camera store in downtown Menlo Park. The show, ‘Feature Work,’ consists of five celebrity portraits (Lisa Lyon is seen above) that I made for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner’s Style section in the 1980s and is a subset of the ‘Portfolio 1976 – 1989‘ exhibit that was displayed this past June at the Knight Fine Arts Center in Hudson, Ohio.

This page is currently the home of a long-planned comprehensive archive of my photos. Right now it contains links to the first attempt at an archive, which flopped after Google killed Google Pages, a current project, a portfolio of more recent b&W work and one of my first attempts at an online project.

Below are links to some recent photos of general interest (GPL’d for non-commercial use). Please contact me cg-at-gulker-dot-com for rights licensing for other uses. For many of the photos, we can provide 400 to 1000 word stories. Signed, mounted prints are available for many images – please contact me for more information.

Our complete catalog of travel photos from Western Europe, South America, China and the U.S. will be linked here in the near future. This includes:

Other places to see my photos:

It is our hope that this page will soon evolve into a definitive gateway to all my photo work spanning some 40 years.

Chris Gulker

Updated Friday, October 8, 2009


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  1. I look forward to it.

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  4. Catherine Sones says:

    Hi there

    I happened upon your site whilst researching images for George Burns. It all makes interesting reading! I was wondering if you would be able to get back to me as I would be really interested in using one of your great images and obviously would like to talk about usage fees and whether you are interested obviously etc. I look forward to hearing from you.

    best Catherine

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  137. Ginger Terry says:

    Hi Chris,
    I enjoyed “seeing” Joe Cotton again — he indeed has that same sparkle. A gentle and generous soul with a whimsical sense of humor that comes through in the photographic images that you captured. He always gives the impression he has all the time in the world for you. And thanks too, for forwarding on through Linda the poem he wrote for my dad, Fitz. I sent it on to him, though I know he has it saved somewhere. I know it will bring back lots of memories of Edwards. Thanks so much!

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