A collection of my columns from the Independent, London, Random Access, my old web ‘zine and I’m still adding to this list as a little sleuthing (and the Way Back Machine) unearth these ‘ancient’ (in Internet time) screeds.


Friction, a little of which can be a good thing

Equilibrium, or, how to make money on the Net

Literacy, the sequel

Literacy, the renewable resource


You’re so hard to reach

Smack ’em with atoms, bash ’em with bits

Medium Cruel

Ora et Labora

How to write a computer column

Beans, bytes and the real scoop on Network Computers

Listen Up, Big Brother

They did the right thing

The real scoop on virtual people

How to succeed in Silicon Valley, without really trying

This Net just ain’t big enough for the two of us

In the Valley, ya gotta have Vision

The trouble with computers

The nerds, the geeks, the dweebs: our national treasure

The Communications Decency Act: use a computer, go to jail

The McVeigh Story: “scooping yourself”

Please take my money

Of phones and jobs

Spammers: more than just a nuisance


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