The N Judah project

N Judah - a portfolio by Chris Gulker

In October, 2006, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

In November, I began radiation therapy at The University of California at San Francisco, some 35 miles from my home in Menlo Park. Frequent seizures and the spreading paralysis on my left side prevented me from driving , so I commuted to UCSF for radiation therapy daily until December of that year.

The journey started on Caltrain, and finished on S.F. Muni’s N Judah streetcar. I began carrying a camera, at first a Pentax Optio X, and then a Leica Digilux II to record the daily scenes, especially on the N Judah. Most of the pictures in the book were made with the Digilux II set to RGB mode and later converted to B&W using Apple’s iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop CS3.

This version of the project – the second draft – contains 36 images from November and December of 2006. A PDF version of this book (14 MB) is available for inspection by readers of this blog and others who may be interested.

Needless to say this book was ‘direct-to-digital’: no prints or other intervening media were required. Once a dream, direct-to-digital books are now common, and relatively inexpensive.

A few copies of the small first edition – 25 books, numbered and signed – are available at $100 per copy. A somewhat larger (and less expensive) 2nd printing of this book is planned for the future – check this page for information. Please note that all photos are copyrighted… reuse without permission is prohibited.

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