Mike & Cathy’s parties

Chris, Cathy, cake!Hopefully, this page will once and all solve Microsoft’s (and other non-Unix technologies) absolute insistence on placing an invisible line-break code (%20%20) into long links copied into email that almost never work when clicked, no matter how carefully the recipient clicks, cuts or pastes.Mike and Cathy event photos, should I be invited and bring camera shall henceforth be linked from: https://gulker.files.wordpress.com/2006/12/chris_cathy_cake_3001.jpgpodell

The pictures themselves are all over the place – gulker.com, mac.com, Picasa Web et al. as whim and cost of storage, current software etc. dictate, so it’s good to finally have a consistent pointer.

Please remember (or bookmark) https://gulker.files.wordpress.com/2006/12/chris_cathy_cake_3001.jpgpodell – ‘forever’ hence this will be home of those pix in which I try, but rarely succeed at capturing the warmth, grace, verve, panache and (sometimes) sheer outrageousness of les soirees Podell.

Chris’ birthday (and baby announcement!)

Raising Hope 2007 picture page

New Year’s frisee salad and crab dinner

The 2006 Holiday Party pix

The ‘missing’ 2005 Holiday Party Pix

Christmas 2005

Cathy’s Birthday 2005

2004 Holiday Party

Christmas 2004

Cathy’s Birthday 2004

Mike & Cathy’s 10th Anniversary

July 4th, Tahoe, 2004: page 1, page 2

Chef’s dinner, March 2004


New Year’s 2004

Holiday Party 2003

Raising Hope 2003

Cathy’s 55th

The Housewarming

Coming soon, more Podell & Co. pix through the years, in one convenient spot…


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