The Mevatron and moi, a few pix

The Mevatron at UCSF

So I’m spending about 30 minutes a day with Mevatron, my new pal, sort of. Mevatron is big, a lot bigger than I am, but he’s a quiet sort – spooky quiet, actually. He can sneak up on you completely silently, a little trick he’s been pulling for a week now. The tricky part is that Mevatron, a linear accelerator that can fire both Gamma and X-rays wants my head just so. Good idea, I think.
Me, under the Mevatron

Red lasers on the sides help techs line up the gurney I’m pinned down to using a mask that was molded to fit my face like a hard leotard. A green laser handles the positioning on top, and it’s actually the only thing I can see until the Mevatron it self swings into view during the programmed circuit it makes around my head.

Radiation therapy starts

Mevatron is basically doing something that’s a trickier version of the old shoot-the-apple off the head trick. He’s shooting an apple, actually a tiny glioma, inside my head. By directing numerous beams from many carefully planned angles, Mevatron avoids frying important stuff, while deilivering all of its punch to the cancer cells. That’s the theory, as I understand it, anyway.


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